Thursday, July 3

"Meu coração ta disparado. It feels like butterflies in my stomach." 3.7

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11:01 AM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "I'm at ibis budget.";
11:06 AM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "Okaaay *--*";
11:13 AM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "Okay... May i leave now?"
12:15 PM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "Feliz?"
12:20 PM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "Demais..."
12:21 PM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "Foi tao bom assim?"
12:21 PM - July, 3rd - 2013 - "Foi real? Aconteceu mesmo?"
12:52 PM - July 3rd - 2013 - "Estamos cultivando nossa amizade lembra?"

That one hour changed our both lives, forever I'm sure.

Don't lose touch, honey! Always keep in touch.
I'll be there for you, no matter what, because I love the way you smile.

♥ rawr !

Love in an Elevator 3.7

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I've caught myself in that situation; the power was down and I couldn't help myself; I did her inside of that elevator; we were still making out when the power got back and I've never knew exactly what happened; it was great, though, great company, great kiss, great sex and such a great life together after that; we were having lunch at a subway restaurant once and she asked me to sit right next to her; it was our very first kiss; July 3rd my dreams became all true and I've found myself loving her since the first look in the eyes; I've always knew we've had something coming out, but I've never believed in myself; why would I? Pff! She had someone, I was "happy" with some other one; Why would she take me instead of a five year long relationship? Why would I? For the first time, my heart yelled for it and I've gave myself to the feeling; my power was down and there we were, loving ourselves in an elevator; her kiss; her touch; her smile; her words; her look into my eyes; her way of making me love her so much my power went down several times; I've found myself in that situation so many times; I wish I could really be with her all the time and feel her breath on my neck; see her smile towards me as a kiss through the wind; she changed me; I've gave up on everything for her and I'd totally do it again for her, if I find myself in that situation again; if she ask me to sit right next to her again I wouldn't regret as I didn't that time because everything after that has been worth it; for the very first time I'm finally happy, without upper-commas.

The whole "elevator thing" is because you find yourself in an awkward situation when you don't know the people around you very much, but you have to smile and be gentle; you don't know exactly when your floor is gonna come, but you have to hold your words, your feelings and, sometimes even your thoughts, but then someone can make the change; when you find yourself holding a feeling and you finally have someone inside of that elevator to share that feeling with, you're free to go, because finally you can let your power go down and enjoy the moment; finally you can let the feeling scream out of you; because of that only one who was there, the one you have feeling for; the one that's worth to lose the patterns inside of an elevator; the one you always want to be alone with you inside of an elevator when the power goes down; you are my only one; you are the one I have feelings for and you're the only one I want to be right next to me for a kiss... or something else.

After everything that happened, is it okay for me to ask if you're like the moon? Just asking. ;)

Love ya.

7.3rd and let's make it rain.
I'd love to kiss you during the rain.

Always kit, honey.

Sincerely yours,

Geasy Lagos

Monday, June 23

The Travellers of the Red Flag Ship - Chap. One

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The most successful war, and probably the only one, a small country of a small cluster of island - in the west of Oceania - called Upolu has go into. It happened during the months of January and April of 1890 and killed 60% of the country’s army and injured permanently 20% - also a couple of horses, dogs and little monkeys, but they’ve still triumphed with the help from the whales that sank the all the enemies’ boats, but one. The Red Flag Ship. We’ll talk about it later.

The war had governmental interests. The country had a population of only half of a million people and some groups of animals, such as horses, dogs, monkeys, cows and a dozens of whales they’d find out too late that were their friends, even though the men of Upolu used to hunt them down. With a small population, their way of living in the archipelago was buying everything they needed from outside countries and islands, such as the islands from north of the cluster, which were Northern Kingdom and New Upoli - the last one was the result of a failed ship from Upoli that got lost in the ocean and the crew gave up on going back home during the 1780s so they’ve build up a new country with the nickname “new” because they’ve also found tons of new fruits and larger lands to plant their own food later sold to the old Upoli. Islands down in the South of Upoli, such as Southern Kingdom - this one had a eternal “cold” war with the Northern Kingdom because they were afraid of destroying Upoli arguing that their army’s power was too powerful and would destroy the whole country between of them in a fraction of a second, but of course that was only to hide their fears of each other and the lazy of getting into fights because the trips between the islands could take months - and a shy island called Watermelon Island where only natives lived on and got this name because they knew how to sell watermelon only. Once, Southern Kingdom tried to attack the lands of Watermelon but got destroyed easily by the natives when they've thrown coconuts and sank all the ships in the most ridiculous fight later known as the “Flying Coconuts Fight” during the 1750s - since that, they've grew the market of watermelon and everyone else got scared of being attacked by flying watermelons so no one even thought of trying to reach their lands, so they’ve never learn others languages and also they use travel to the others islands selling watermelons or trading them by other types of food, clothes and woods they also needed. Besides all these unique islands, Upolu had something everyone dreamed about it, but they've got and agreement to only sell to Japan that was building houses and castles with it. It was called Upolu Wood, which came from a special tree they've only found on the Upolu Land, so the country used to sell these Woods to Japan and trading them also for silver, gold and books - the bigger, the better. - even though they didn't know how to read Japanese, they've knew Japanese had the most intelligent people so having their book was like having their intelligence, somehow. Poor them, Japan was sending them Cookbooks for they thought Upolu used the books to burn in the factory that cut the wood into logs. Both countries got language issues, but in the 1790s signed an agreement to guarantee the wood would be sell to Japan only because Japan was the only one who actually knew what that wood was and how important was that tree as they wanted to make it possible to plant at their countries. The tree was and old and very rare specie of palm tree that has a really dark body and yellow leafs that in Japan were used to cook the King’s special diet but also to make the dresses from the royal family.

In the end of the year 1889, Upolu lost several of their ships for termites and couldn't delivery a giant pack of fresh Upolu Wood to Japan and had issues trying to explain Japan because when they’ve tried to send a letter about the termite problem, the government of Japan thought they were joking with them because they've received an unfinished cake recipe that Upolu thought were the right japanese “sorry” words when they've used the Cookbooks to translate a letter from the Upolu King. So Japan sent a dozens of boats to Upolu borders to get the delivery but instead of asking for the wood, the order to the crew of the boats were to attack the people that were on the beach because talking to Upolu population was impossible, once they wouldn't understand properly.

As soon as the Japan army started to attack the beach of Upolu in January of 1890, the King of Upolu brought to the border a hundred thousand men to the border - the whole army of Upolu was exposed to the experient Japan’s men that easily brought others thousands of ships to join the fight. In February of 1890 all the ships from Japan’s army were anchored already close to the Upolu beaches and the attacks were being long distance because Upolu men wasn’t using their boats to get to the Japanese’s army, knowing the risks, and Japan’s army was being cautions knowing that they were stronger at a longer distance, so it fitted. 

By the end of March of 1890, Japan’s army had destroyed half of the Upolu’s army, so they’ve decided to reach to the border, but a group of whales attack them back sinking the majority of the japanese boats, that hadn’t received any order from the captain to back off - also because the captain was already dead - that they’ve still tried to reach the beach, but when they’ve got closer, what had left from Upolu men sank the rest of the japanese army still losing men during the fights, but only one Japanese boat had left alive, the Red Flag Ship - a small ship with a red flag and three men crew that refused the first order to attack from a long distance and since the beginning of the war, changed the route to the other side of Upolu Island and invaded houses from the opposite side of the beaches.

The three men from the Red Flag Ship were Hiroto - the great, Kenta - the stronger and Ken’Ichi - the smart one. They’ve found all the houses with wives and children without husbands and father - that were all in the war - and the women didn’t knew anything about the japanese for two simple reasons, they’ve never had saw a japanese before and also they hadn’t the right to know about the war issue, once they were women and couldn’t actually fight for the Island, so war and governmental issues were only “men stuff”.

Without actually knowing a japanese and not even having the knowledge of the war against Japan, the women opened their houses to the travellers and fed them with the typical Upolu cookery was as awful as you can imagine in a small Island that buy everything cheap from the outside countries, so of course, the japanese hated the food, but instead of throwing up, they’ve spotted some good japanese cookbooks in the houses so they’ve used to cook for themselves and for the women and children.

The first house they’ve got into was Vera’s house. Tulio’s wife and mother Johansson, a smart five year boy that was as blond as hi mom and dad, blue-eyed and white as rice and shy as all the others five years old boys from the Island. The trip around the Island to the opposite border of Upolu took several week to the Red Flag Ship, so the three man crew were out food for a while, but also out of men needs. The clever one, Ken’Ichi, as soon as possible separated some Vera’s note and draws of Johansson and used to study their language, reading out loud and having the pronunciation fixed by Vera that invite them inside to take a rest from the trip they’ve been so far. Of course she didn’t knew that the japaneses there were thirsty not only for wine and good meal, but also for her body, so as soon as Ken’Ichi understood the Upolu idiom, after a couple of days of stay, he taught Hiroto and Kenta how to approach to the women of the village and satisfy their needs.

Using the cookbooks Japan used to send to Upolu as payment for the wood and the knowledge of the Upolu language, Ken’Ichi and Hiroto translated some of the best recipes of the japanese culinary and had shown Vera how to prepare to them. she was happy for learning how to cook better food and easily started to admire them that were staying so far for three weeks, almost ins the end of the war.

April of 1890s was glorious for Upolu Island. Besides the fact they’ve lost more than the half of their men during the war and a huge part of them lost their limbs, the japanese army backed off and gave up on the wood, starting now to buy a couple of others stuff from differents parts of the world, instead of keep trading with an archipelago that barely can comprehend their language, which was an insult for itself. 

Now 40% of the Upolu men were getting back home from the war and found their wives and children cooking really good food and also speaking a weird language they’ve never heard before. It took only a couples of weeks for the three japanese from the Red Flag Ship to teach the ladies and the kids from the Island how to cook and speak a few words in japanese.

During the war, Ken’Ichi had tried the most marvelous food from the japanese cookbooks and also had got into an affair with, at least, thirteen wives from the village they’ve approached a few weeks before. Vera was one of them, the first one, actually. After almost three months without knowing a word from her husband, Tulio, she decided for herself that he was dead by that time, so when the japanese travellers asked her for a place to stay, she was convinced that she could have an affair with any other men she wanted to. Ken’Ichi was one them, in fact, the only one. She fell in love for him and his abilities of cooking, speaking and, of course, having sex.

After a great dinner, one night, Vera invited Ken’Ichi to leave the small and uncomfortable sofa so he could try the best mattress of the cluster of islands, a special northern mattress with feather from a rare and bizarre blue bird only found up to north of the archipelago. Ken’Ichi easily accepted the invitation and prepared himself to five Vera an unforgettable asian experience, when he was so thirsty for sex that he barely reached inside of the rooms and he was already grabbing by her long blond hair and kissing with small bites on her neck in the middle of the corridor and being stopped only when she argued about her son that was sleeping close to them, but she loved the way he was spontaneous and as fast as she could, lead him to her room, throw him on her bed, locked them inside and stripped her clothes off to him.

A Upolu woman is as beautiful as you can imagine from a woman that comes from a small island in the middle of the Oceania. They’ve had long hair, mostly blond, but some of them are also redhead and besides the bad looking clothes, the woman had time enough to take care of their own healthy, once they weren’t allowed to be into the “men stuff”, so they’ve learned how to shave themselves, feeling like they were really different from men and soon, learned and built up a whole concept of healthy woman, which was not so skinny, but zero fat; was strong, but not as much as a man; was head up, not ever looking face down. The women from Upolu used to run and besides the bad Upolu cookery, they’ve had a lot of fruits and vegetable to eat, so they’ve could take care their health and also keep looking beautiful. Most of the women were already around their thirties, but looking just like their fifteen years old daughters and because of the running, they’ve kept their bodies fit up, well shaped and never shown a line of sadness or fatigue because they had a positive philosophy of looking foward things and up, so they’ve could take care of themselves, but of course, the men from the Island used to fight against it, once they were stronger and sovereign.

Vera first took her clothes and revealed all the beauty of a Upolu woman to Ken’Ichi that got breathless by only staring at her, so she made the move and sat down on his lap and started to kiss him while her fingers travelled around his head, shoulder and back until starts to take his clothes off. Ken’Ichi was a handsome guy. He has joined army young so he got time to work out and build a strong body, so after a couple of moments admiring a japanese well shaped group of muscles, Vera got down on her own knees and took his pants off, revealing the man’s private parts and got satisfied with the whole of it, but she wanted to taste it, so she grabbed it and stick it in her mouth, driving Ken’Ichi crazy as he barely could moan, so he laid back down and enjoyed Vera’s tongue movements making pressure to her head by holding her hair, but he could not hold himself for too long, so he took control of the situation and pulled her mouth out of his cock and after get up from bed, thrown her on with the legs wide open and spitted on hers private parts making his way inside easier, so when he approached his cock between her legs, it was faster to find his own way, but still brutal, once the women from Upolu was mostly used only to get pregnant or to satisfied their husbands, so Vera was not used to be that brutal screwed by a man. By the end of the night, both were tired, but barely slept during the night. Vera learned a bunch of new movements, but Ken’Ichi had satisfied only part of his needs having sex with Vera that the same week he tried others four mattress around the village.

Suey was Geoffrey’s wife. Mother of a nineteen years old girl called Alice, got a visit from Ken’Ichi a night after he slept with Vera and gave herself all to him. Ken’Ichi could screw her all the way he imagined and made the mother moan during the whole night that Alice got curious about how it was that she wanted to try it. Alice knew the woman's fate of being the one who would always satisfy the man, but she was too selfish for it that she could use it to fed her own need. Alice was smart and had tried making out with some others boys, but never got a real man before, a man who would make her moan a whole night. She even gave up on men for a while when she met some girls from others villages of the island and and experienced lesbian sex.

Next morning to Suey, Ken’Ichi found himself alone in Suey’s room. Alice’s mother was out to buy some ingredients she would need to cook a good japanese meal she learned from Ken’Ichi using one of the cookbooks and Alice used this time to admire the naked body of his laid down her mom’s bed. Ken’Ichi hadn’t noticed Alice’s presence when he got up from bed and went to the bathroom for a quick shower that he didn’t even locked the door, leaving a good opportunity for Alice to open a small space to stare at the man’s body that was taking a shower.

Alice drove her hand onto her belly, down to her legs, inside of her pants and started to touch herself while staring Ken’Ichi using soap to clean his chest and down to his belly and legs, when during a faction of a second of silence, after Ken’Ichi closed the water from the “shower”, he could hear Alice moaning at the door and invited her in, but she pulled him out still naked and drove him to her mom’s bedroom, one more time, to get him satisfied.

Alice was sweet and made Ken’Ichi feel like he was up on the clouds with her soft skin and barely virgin vagina, that he brutally fucked it driving her nuts and making her moan and shake for hours until her mom show up and catch ‘em both in the middle of a doggy style with Ken’Ichi pulling Alice’s hair as hard as he could, making her scream out loud.

Suey never forgive Ken’Ichi, but invited him a couple times later that year to remember that night she was made his whore and in all these opportunities, he visited Alice’s bedroom in the middle of Suey’s sleep, to give the daughter a little bit of rough sex she needed.

A couple of nights later, Ken’Ichi fucked four others women from the village, two of them at the same time, the sisters Brittany and Betty. They’ve lost their father and both husbands at the war so they’ve decided to live together and were visited by him during the dinner and thanked him with a whole night of a threesome for his great abilities of cooking.

Hiroto and Kenta spent this week at Vera’s house, still cooking and teaching japanese to her and her son, Johansson - the boy was already calling them “Oji-Chan” - but Hiroto and Kenta also visited some women from the village as well. Kenta was the stronger of the three japanese and was taller, so he could help the women at the village with rough work used done by the husbands, this way he met Sarah, a neighbor of Vera and helped her to finish building her house ceiling that her husband, Jeremiah, left behind for war.

Sarah knew how to thank him for that and learned how to make really good hot japanese sauces and cooked him a great dinner that warmed him up that he could barely control himself and screwed her on the kitchen between the stove and the cabinet. Everybody in the village heard their sounds and Tricia faster as she could, cooked Kenta a great dinner too and enjoyed a whole week a rough sex with him in the spots from her house. From the living room and bathroom during the shower, to her own bedroom and also the kitchen.

Hiroto had a few of these “visits” during dinner at the houses from the village in the island because he spent more time playing with Johansson and teaching him japanese that he barely had time to his men needs. He only met two women’s privates parts from Upolu Island and he felt in love with one of them. First, he was invited to teach Lisa how to prepare a good breakfast, lunch and dinner, once she lived by herself since her mom died and her dad was still out for war. Lisa was a beautiful twenty years old ginger who lived nearby Vera’s house and had to learn how to take care of herself after her dad leave for fight at the war. Unfortunately, she fell in love with Hiroto after a couple of visits of him, without giving herself yet, but fell for him because of his good manners, nice speech and great looking. Hiroto was not only great with the words and manners, but he was also handsome and this drove Lisa’s attention to him up to a new level.

During one of the nights he was teaching her how to prepare the dinner properly, they were having fun and laughing as good friends when she left something on the fire for too long and started to burn and when she moved her arm to avoid the worst, he did just the same and both hands got connected in the middle and a smile was drawn on her face while he was still trying to take the food out of the fire when after joking about it, he played with the hair that was on her face and approached his face onto hers and she gave him a shy kiss that let him speechless for the first time that he could only kiss her back, now, hardly and pulling her body onto his, letting her feel his hard cock on her belly, which make her red, until he kiss her again getting her up and making her legs hug his body around. Her arms were already around his neck a now she could feel him between her legs, was when she started to slowly shake her butt, making his cock even harder, which she loved to feel it growing in the middle of her. At this point, he turned her back to the wall and went for her neck, she was all red and started to moan on his ear, which drove him crazy, so he carried her to an old sofa at the living room and putted her laid down while he started to kiss her entire body until his mouth approaches the middle of her legs and she starts to shake her hips while he tried her most marvellous liquid and she grab his hair and biting her own lips, starts to moan out loud and scream as he get inside of her with his tongue.

Hiroto felt like he needed to make her scream louder and brought his fingers to her clitoris, drawing circles on her most precious place of her body. After a couple minutes of oral sex, she was completely red as her hair and was already too wet to tell that she was once dry. Hiroto felt tired and backed off her legs, was this moment when she turned the situation to her own control and took his pants off, finally, having a look on his cock and taste it thirsty as she was. She putted almost the entire cock inside of her mouth reaching her throat which gave Hiroto a will of grabbing her hair and fucking her throat in and out, as he did. She moaned as she could with her mouth busy, but some tears fell down her closed eyes and as soon as she could, she released the cock and gave herself entirely to Hiroto’s will. He throw her body on the sofa leaving her butt onto his cock and stick it into hers vagina, roughly, she screamed.

Back to the field, the japanese army lost several ships for the brave whales and a couple of others gave up on fighting without a captain and got back to their country, sure that they were doing the right thing, even though they’ve got back to Japan without the wood they were supposed to steal. At this far, it’s important to clarify that the mission was a suicidal mission. The Japanese army back that time was mostly formed by prisoners and men that gave up their lives since they were young to a greater good and left home earlier to join the navy and the army.

The Red Flag Ship was originally created by the Captain to put the best men so he knew they would make the better choices and would be able to survive in case of a failed mission and would not take his orders, so they could try a different route in case of a massive attack where the death is their only certain fate. The Captain was right. The ship was able to take care of itself and the crew got into the Island with a different strategy, which led them to a village full of beautiful Upolu women and great cookbooks, so they’ve made their own living out of the japanese jail.

Even at the border, without releasing the anchor from a single boat, the men who fought the war for Upolu were dumb enough to die and lost several number of the Island’s army with unthink strategies that allowed the japanese boats to keep a distance and even so attack them properly as they could. If it wasn’t for the whales, the japanese navy would exterminate all the men from Upolu Island. 

The whales had an important role into Upolu history as great defensors of the oceans which avoided wars during the 1820s and also helped lost ships to find land back in the 1740s, but despite the help, the selfish men from Upolu decided to hunt them down for it’s good meat. Whales were one of the few things Upolu women knew how to cook properly and also an important food in the men diet, once they were out for days hunting whales that they needed something strong to eat during the long trips.

The war was almost in the end. Hundreds of men barely make it out of the sand with both legs and arms. Japanese navy was still attacking, while backing off, when the men from Upolu was trying to survive. More that the half of the Island’s army was dead at the border and even the King died was he went to the battlefield to watch the fights and fell down close to some weapons and got an arrow into his chest by accident. Later on during the writing of his command, the writer from the war would lie about the fact telling everybody that he went to the front to help the front line of Island men and got executed by a japanese that came closer to the border with a smaller boat and aimed to the king giving him no chance of escape, but even though he was barely dead in the middle of the beach, the king still had time to throw a rock onto the japanese’s head killing the only japanese that actually made it to the border of the Island, then wrote about the king as the greater soldier the army had that war and how important was for him not to leave that japanese get inside the island, once it would be terrifying to have a japanese barbarian inside of the lands because they would only rape the children and wives, drinking the whole wine and beer they’ve had without saying thank you in the end.

The whole wine they’ve had was come gallons saved in the main castles of the island and tasted really bad compared to the fine wines that could be found in Japan and children up there were almost treated like gods, once they were considered “pure” and intelligent being taught how to be self-learner since the first times with their teachers at home. Also, the wives had an important role on the japanese society, being able to decide important things at the society and also join the army and the people from Japan, even the prisoners were well known as polite and always for say thank you every time they can, they believe they could reach a better state of spirit by doing that so they do even when it’s unnecessary, just like the great Hiroto, a gentleman in his social life, maybe a barbarian in duo.

When he went down his own knees one more time, he went directly for her clitoris again and felt her body shaking through her legs around his neck and as much as he proved her, he could hear her screaming and moaning out loud. She suddenly turned her body for the feeling and with her body laid down and the legs put aside it was easy for him to lick her whole butt and get her wet and he was drooling all over her ass and his own face when he decided to stick his cock into her vagina one more time making her give up on the movements relaxing her body to the uncontrolled shakes. Hiroto was able to hear only screams and moan, because he kept his eyes closed, trying to control himself to enjoy the longer he could, the faster and the stronger he could. That moment was rare into Hiroto’s life, a gorgeous ginger praying for having his cock inside of her that brutal was not very common in Japan and young women like Lisa, as beautiful as she was, was also an uncommon thing to see at his hometown. He kept making her wish for her for a while there, until he made his last movement, the stronger as she could felt, almost hurting her, but getting deeper as he could, she gave her last scream, he came. She was finished and her body was still shaking. A feeling she had never experienced before that night. A feeling she wanted to experience for the rest of her life. With him. She, once again, fell in love with him, now both naked, thrown at the ground with her body still shaking. She smiled up, laughed a bit. His taste was still on her mouth and hers on his as well. They’ve enjoyed that moment for a couple of minutes more until they’ve realized that it was late at night and Hiroto just remember that he promised Johansson he would teach him how to read one of the Vera’s cookbooks. After a long goodbye kiss, Hiroto left Lisa’s house telling her he would come back some other night to teach her different things from the japanese cookbooks.

We can say that he was happy after that great experience, but in a different way, he was happier for having Johansson with him, almost as a son, teaching him things he would loved to teach to his own kids if he had it. Hiroto was a prisoner at a japanese jail, but it was close to finish his time behind the grids for helping the Japanese navy on building up some good ships for war and also for signing up for the Beach War.

Hiroto’s second affair was the one he most felt in the heart. Katy was her name and she was one of the few single women the Island had. She was twenty-five and lived with her mom, Naty, a beautiful forty-five years old woman who worked her whole life as a teacher who used to go house by house teaching the kids some basic stuff such as writing and reading. Katy had learned much more from her mom, so she knew how to be a self learner and had contact already with a couple of others books translated to japanese, so she understood some of the recipes from the cookbooks even before the Red Flag Ship arrived to the Island.

She lived close to Vera’s house so when Hiroto needed a couple of ingredients for a famous japanese recipe, he asked for ‘em at Katy’s and she already knew what he was cooking just for the stuff he was asking for which drove him confucius that made him ask how she knew that, once he didn’t have in memory to himself or even one of his friends to had translated the books to her and got surprised when she told she had learn from herself.

In the minute he went to her house, Naty had talked to him before and he was already surprised by her beauty, even on her 40s that when he say Katy he was sure he had reached his higher state of spirit. Katy was gorgeous and had a young beautiful face, long blond hair, green eyes, nice and big breasts with a perfectly curved ass he got himself admiring her for long minutes when Naty had invited him in while she was grabbing the stuff he asked for.

For a couple of minutes there, Katy was at the living room with Hiroto and she found him out really cute, but hadn’t even imagined yet what he had felt about her and all the possibilities of having her naked he thought about it. She was there to distract the guest while her mom was getting everything done. The japaneses were getting famous around the village for its abilities cooking and also, between the gossip, because of their great movements on bed, even though they were not known as japaneses, but as “travellers”, so Naty had asked for the daughter to stay with the “traveller” so he could enjoy her company a little bit while she grabbed the ingredients he needed.

A couple of words they’ve said that day, but it was enough to make ‘em both fall for each other, when Katy smiled up to him, he felt his chest warming up and couldn’t control to smile back, so when he smiled she got red and looked away, like she wasn’t paying attention that the silly way he was staring at her body or how red got it every time she moved her legs or how he was sweating while she was laughing at his funny comments for the way her breasts was bouncing and being almost seeing it whole by the cut of her dress. Of course she didn’t take advantage of it, for a while. Naty showed up with everything the traveller had asked and invited him to cook for them some day soon and he accepted at the same minute without even taking his eyes from the beautiful body of Katy.

After leaving Naty’s house, before actually going there to cook for them, Hiroto still had a visit to make at Lisa’s house but get this late on his schedule once he was at Vera’s with his favourite kid, Johansson.

When the war was definitely over - when the japanese backed off too far to reach an arrow at the border while getting back to their country - the Upolu army was devastated and only a few less than 5% of the men who fought at the war came back safe home, which created a really unproportional population that, now, had majority of women and only a couple dozens of men who came back to a few wives who waited for them at the capitol. A few women actually thought their men could actually made it through war, so as imagined, the couple dozens of men arrived to the capitol and got back home by themselves, while some wives who were there waiting for their men got down on their own knees crying when realized they hadn’t make it. In the end of the arrivals, only a few couples came back to their villages as actual couples.

Ken’Ichi was sleeping with Vera for a while even so still payed some visits at some others houses, such as Suey’s and her daughter, Alice. Vera knew about these visits and besides the feelings she had for him, she never said a word to him about it, so he was okay with it and kept helping other wives cooking different stuff.

Kenta was a rough guy, he only helped the wives with house issues when he wanted to have sex with them or their daughters, especially their daughters. Kenta used to take good control of younger kids. At that time, no one actually carried about the virginity of a young female or if she was old enough to receive a men inside her room to make some noise and this policy fitted perfectly to Kenta that, sometimes, even asked for the girls in change of some work at the house, like when he ordered for a seventeen years old daughter of Hyua - a sergeant's wife - and she accepted to give her daughter to his uses in change of him to fix some holes at the ceiling and some new recipes from the cookbooks.

He did it all right and as fast as he could, for the recipes, he invited Ken’Ichi to tell Hyua how to do it right and Ken’Ichi got himself into a perfect opportunity of enjoying some different Upolu body, as he did. After showing her how to make a great lunch to welcome the sergeant, they both slept together for a couple of days. This was the way she found to thank him for the cooking, but also a way to satisfy her curiosity on the “travellers’ abilities” she always wondered when heard from the women they’ve had. The rumours were right and Ken’Ichi could blow her as thirsty as he wished. She loved and her daughter was her way to thank Kenta - a more brutal sex machine - for fixing the ceiling. It was a perfect match.

Kenta took Greeta to her room. She was shy, but knew what she was doing, anyway. She was there for him and also knew that he would do to her everything he wanted to and she could only think about how tough that would be, but would have to enjoy anyway. There she went. At this one, for being smaller and nervous, Kenta was gentle, he only grabbed her by the hair when she moaned harder and fucked her ass only after sticking in his two fingers well wet. She loved the way he carried, even though it was still tougher than she ever could thought. By the end of that night, we can say that there was no more holes at the sergeant's house, her wife learned more than a few japanese recipes and his daughter were no longer a virgin from all of her holes. Kenta took care of letting her taste his cock several times and even finished inside of her throat, after bangging her cor a couple of hours at her bloody vagina. As weird as this can sound, Kenta was a tough guy, he wouldn’t matter to fuck her mouth off even with his dick dirty on her blood, but the actual sex hadn’t last the whole night, they’ve both had time to clean themselves up and Kenta was that gentle to wait for her, because he knew it was her very first time and she also needed to relax and enjoy to the most, as he thought it was the right thing to do. Either way, Greeta was a really young female piece, but shown a really adult attitude, part because she knew what she was doing, because her mother put her inside of the situation and part because she liked it. She loved sex, in fact. She had never tasted something like that and she was already addicted to it, so she did at her best. Gave herself the most she could.

Kenta was satisfied, she was comfortable and they’ve both became friends after that day, but Kenta never touched her again, once he felt bad for making her bleed like that. He had never actually make sex with a virgin so he didn’t knew how it was like. As weird as could seem, he dealt good with the situation after a while, even though never touched in Greeta’s body again.

Back to Vera’s, a visitor showed up in the middle of the night in May of 1890. Her husband, Tulio was surprised by Kenta and Hiroto playing with his son, Johansson and when went inside his room to argue with Vera about the intruders, got himself to another weird situation when found out his wife being screwed her mind out by Ken’Ichi. He never saw a japanese before, but that time he knew the intruders could only be japanese barbarians.

No, the Upolu army never really saw a japanese before. All the market trades were made by the politicians and they’ve never actually described a japanese before and when the war started, even the politicians was invited to fight and died in the battlefield, and the agreement signed by both countries was a letter send and sent back by foreign “mailmen”, no one had actually saw the japanese at the war too, because they were inside of their boats, and even if they’ve came out of the ships, they wouldn’t be seeing for being that far. So the answer is no, a Upolu had never saw a japanese before, even though Tulio knew a japanese barbarian would be the only to get into his house, play with his kid and fuck his wife so that time, he knew, they would still drink all of his wine and would leave without even saying thank you.

However, he was almost right about one thing only. They had drink his whole wine already, that terrible tasted wine that Upolu men used to prepare by stepping on the grapes without even washing their feet before the process.

Perhaps the surprise of seeing his kid playing with two intruders was bigger than seeing Vera on bed with another man, because that wasn’t exactly the first time that happened. Two years back, he caught her banging the milkman and mailman at the same time. Both got her in a doggy style and while one was being blowed by Vera’s mouth, the other one was trying her vagina and at the point Tulio got into the room, they were both penetrating her, one by her regular private part and the other was getting into her ass. Tulio barely could had imagine what was coming after, when the milkman was pretending to ask for some others two friends and three whores to make things even more interesting. What really shocked Tulio that day was the fact that his son was sleeping next door.

The women at that time were to procreation and to satisfied her husband sexually, so there was no actual love down at Upolu Island, or at least the men that time used to avoid so they could show they were the owners of the situations. When their wives got sexually involved to another men, they used to forgive so they could show everyone else that women were for giving birth and sex only, nothing else, so what they’ve did wasn’t a problem at all, since their kids were growing strong, intelligent and brave enough to become fighters if the country needs.

Once again, Tulio found himself on that situation and, for a fraction of a second, Ken’Ichi and Vera didn’t stop what they were doing and for this same fraction, Tulio did nothing but stared, with angry for the first time. It wasn’t the milkman, the mailman and the rest of the village fucking his wife. For him, it was only a japanese barbarian and this he could not forgive. Not at all.

{end chap. one}